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The Palace Book of Pero López de Ayala is a Christian didactic-moral poem of the late fourteenth century. It contains long speculations about Job’s misfortunes in 2,170 stanzas. In this work, the author uses the cuaderna via, a typical stanza of the minstrel mester.
The Palace Book has didactic, political, religious and philosophical parts. It perfectly reflects the Castilian society of the fourteenth century and the problems that affected the kingdom. The theme is of a moral and didactic nature. It is a bitter critique of what he sees as the decline of traditional societal values, and which would lead to the Renaissance.

This edition is in old Spanish, with some updated spellings.

I. In the name of God, who is one, Trinidat,

Father, Fixed, Holy Spirit, in simple unity,
eguales in glory, eternal majestat,
and the three fasted in the divinidat.

The Father is not a wrong, nin of another begotten, 5
nin for other matter of none servant;
begotten of Him Fixed, his much loved solo:
from both the Spirit proceeds inflamed.

It is high tology, very scure science:
the Master Lords of the Holy Scripture 10
they can declare it, they have it in cure;
I could, as a simple, err by adventure.

D’esta Santa Escriptura abastante believe,
in our mother Eglesia firmly have,
whoever does well can surely be, 15
and who badly fiziere habers’a to lose.

Aquesta Trinidat I call with grant love,
Que me quiera valer e ser merescedor
to order my fazienda in all the best
that complicates my soul, that it was very sinful. 20

E the sin of Adam, our father first,
It brings us forced to sin lightly:
therefore I, Lord, your mercy I hope,
that You are just and true Jüez.

Thinking of the Life of this Mortal World, 25
that it is little and dangerous, full of much evil,
Faré I will confess in the manner which
I better understand myself, if God is worth it here.

The first thing I entrust in this writing I
my soul to God, who […] and bred; 30
by his precious blood he afterwards redeemed her;
to forgive her, if she died at all.

He died, non es dubda, against his Breeder,
that he brought her up very clean and without any vigor,
following the pleasures of the sinful body, 35
that is very sullied before the Savior.

Fragment of the work

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