Our America

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788499536675
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Our America is not just an essay by José Martí. It is a vast political and literary program that the author describes in a letter to his friend Gonzalo de Quesada. In it, about to go to the War for the Independence of Cuba, he delegates to Quesada the publication of his work in a series of volumes.
Martí disdains most of what he has written in that letter. Instead, he saves three of his books of poems. And he commissioned his friend to divide the publication of his works into the following volumes:

  • I. Americans
  • II. American
  • III. Hispanic americans
  • IV. North American Scenes
  • V. Books about America
  • SAW. Letters, Education and Painting

The dream volumes are divided into several sections related, mostly, to different visions of the American continent. They will include his articles and essays on political issues relating to the north and south of the continent, cultural and literary chronicles. In this enormous editorial project, Our America occupies a privileged place, as a reference text in the identity reflections of Latin America .

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