Origin of Mexicans

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The origin of the Mexicans, is attributed to the mestizo Jesuit Juan de Tovar (1540?-1626), who was prebend of the Cathedral of Mexico and professor of the college of San Gregorio.
Tovar’s book is inspired by an unknown Aztec manuscript and summarizes the writings of Fray Diego Duran. This friar in turn closely followed a story written by an indigenous person in the Nahuatl or Aztec language.
Here the history of the conquest is told from the perspective of the vanquished.
This book is a vital source for knowledge of pre-Hispanic Mexico. It is preserved in a manuscript baptized with the name of Codex Ramírez in honor of its discoverer, along with the fragments of two other no less important relationships.
There are two manuscript versions of the same text:

  • one is preserved in the National Library of Anthropology and History of Mexico;
  • and the other in the John Carter Brown Library, Rhode Island, and contains some illustrated plates.

In general, when talking about the Ramírez Codex it is the 1587 manuscript of Juan de Tovar. The full name of the document is Codex Ramírez. Relation of the origin of the Indians who inhabit New Spain according to their stories. And it is an incomplete copy of the Tovar Codex, which only includes the second part and was discovered by José Fernando Ramírez, in 1856.
It should be added that Tovar sent the Origin of the Mexicans to the Jesuit José de Acosta, who transcribed entire passages in his well-known Natural and Moral History of the Indies.

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