A Year and a Day

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ISBN hardcover: 9788499536606
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A Year and a Day (Un año y un día) by José Zorrilla is a theatrical work that delves into the complex intricacies of a family drama, set on the island of Cabrera, south of Mallorca, during the 17th century. The play opens with a scene on a deserted beach, where the sea calms after a storm and night begins to fall. Here we find Don Pedro, a man who contemplates the sea and reflects on his solitary existence on this remote island.
What stands out in this work is Don Pedro’s intense introspection. Although he finds some freedom in his isolation, he also faces the harshness and monotony of a life far from civilization. His monologues serve as a window into a soul in conflict; he appreciates the absence of social and legal complications of life in society but also laments the lack of human connection and the harsh reality of surviving in nature.
The action of the drama is framed in a powerfully evocative setting: a deserted beach, the sea in the background, and rocks to the right. This landscape becomes a character in itself, reflecting both the tranquility and the internal storm experienced by Don Pedro. The natural environment, vividly described, contrasts with the civilization that Don Pedro has left behind and serves as a mirror of his emotional and psychological state.
One of the strengths of the work is how it addresses the duality of human existence, touching on themes such as freedom and solitude, nature versus civilization, and the internal conflict that arises from these opposites. Through the figure of Don Pedro, Zorrilla takes us to a profound reflection on what it means to be human, on the struggle to find a balance between our social needs and our desires for independence and freedom.
The dialogue is rich in nuances, and the language used is of poetic caliber, adding weight and depth to the emotions and conflicts presented. In his monologue, Don Pedro not only debates his current situation but also philosophizes about the human condition in general, adding a layer of universality to his particular experience.
A Year and a Day is a profoundly emotional and introspective work that addresses complex questions of human existence through the prism of a richly drawn character and environment. It is an invitation to reflect on the duality of life and the eternal search for balance between the opposites that define our humanity.

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