One More Factional and Some Friars Less

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One More Factional and Some Friars Less (Un faccioso más y algunos frailes menos) is the tenth and final novel in the second series of the National Episodes of Benito Pérez Galdós.
With this novel ends the second series of the National Episodes that, through the adventures of Salvador Monsalud and other characters, has shown us the convulsive political life of Spain under the reign of Fernando VII el Deseado.
The story ends with the death of the king who, under the influence of his wife Queen Christina, left the throne in the hands of his daughter Isabel under the regency of her mother. We thus enter the beginnings of the First Carlist War.
In Madrid, the political, military and civil split that will lead the country irremediably to conflict is brewing. On the street and in the taverns, of course, the atmosphere is heated. There are not a few characters who thrive and prepare their positions. You have to know who is with whom. The death of the king ends up triggering events already very gestated.
Following Salvador Monsalud we enter the factional Navarre. The Alava leaves Madrid and goes to Pamplona. Before finishing the novel, however, Galdós cannot help but be pessimistic through his character, thinking about the future of our country:

“Declaring all his thoughts, he assured that he did not expect to see in all his life but mistakes, errors, sterile struggles, trials, attempts, leaps back and forth, corruptions of the new systems that would increase the partisans of the old; noble ideas bastardized by bad faith, and progress almost always vanquished in its struggle against ignorance.”

Without a doubt a portrait that has lasted until today.

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