On the Importance of Art

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ISBN illustrated paperback: 9788411269773

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Much of Enrique José Varona’s work is dedicated to art and literature. Our author not only cultivated poetry, aphorism and essays with mastery, but also dedicated numerous works to analysis as a literary and artistic critic. He has ventured into multiple themes of Ibero-American, European and North American literature. Likewise, his journalistic work in this field opened spaces for him in many magazines and other national and foreign publications.

“The full type of the man of letters, by vocation and dedication; the man who is given to literary art as the true painter to Painting, the musician to Music. He sees the literary work and likes it and judges it as an artist, for the work itself, for the expressive and emotional value it treasures. Thanks to that sustained by that love and the concept of professional dignity that inspires, he gives us complete studies from the point of view of information, sincere, and when the case demands it, vivified by the warmth of deeply felt emotion.”

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Never, as at this moment, have I so much deplored not feeling myself equal to the situation in which circumstances placed me, because never had a spectacle at once so brilliant and so imposing been presented to my eyes; and on no occasion has it seemed so difficult for my little strength to fix in a worthy manner the attention of such a distinguished concurrence as the one that honors me tonight, preparing to listen to me. Since I have no personal titles to recommend me to your benevolence, allow me to trust in your gallant courtesy, and at the same time in the importance of the subject which I propose to elucidate before you; for by no means can I aspire to captivate you by the novelty or brilliancy of my words. I will not need to make any effort to justify the choice of my subject, for it follows, as simply as it is natural, from the very act that is taking place at this moment, thanks above all to your valuable assistance. It has been enough that the voice of a father resounds, to whom adverse fortune has made him see compromised the beautiful future of a daughter, already about to realize the most flattering hopes, about to step on the threshold of the world of art, where applause and renown await her, harbingers of a useful and glorious life; it has been enough that he calls you so that the generous people of Havana come quickly to extend a firm hand to those who hesitate, and the young artist will pave the road to glory. This movement of such beautiful spontaneity, this instinctive warning that a work not only beneficial but fruitful was to be accomplished, deserves to be analyzed; for it will not thereby lose the stamp of nobility that unselfishness imprints on human acts, but will acquire the incontrovertible force that gives to impulses the full knowledge that they conform to the dictates of reason. This is why I have decided to tell you, with the brevity required by the circumstances, how important it is and why it is important for the people to protect the arts.

Fragment of the work

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