Of the Names of Christ

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Fray Luis de León began writing De los nombres de Cristo in 1572, and finished it in 1585. This work shows his definitive idea of the themes he outlined in his poems in the form of a Ciceronian dialogue, in which the various interpretations of the names given to Christ in the Bible are discussed. This text is a maximum example of the best Castilian prose.
In Of the Names of Christ, some of the scriptural terms for Jesus Christ are studied. In the manner of a dialogue, the various denominations are shelled with a profusion of biblical references.
Fray Luis takes advantage of the scheme of Renaissance dialogue to introduce numerous theological reflections. His prose has its peak in this book, considered over the centuries an example of elegance and wisdom. And yet, modernly, it has been more quoted than read.
Fray Luis comments and interprets with great erudition the names given to Christ in the Bible: such as “Faces of God”, “Lamb” or “Father of the Future Century” among many others. His philosophical reflections, and his interpretations of these names caused some scholars to relate him to Kabbalistic practices, a fact without confirmation.

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