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O’Donnell is the fifth novel in the fourth series of the National Episodes by Benito Pérez Galdós.
The author describes the intention of the book in the first lines:

“O’Donnell was an epoch, as were before and after Espartero and Prim, and like them, his ideas created various public facts, and his acts engendered an infinity of particular manifestations, which amassed and conglomerated acquire in the succession of days character of historical unity. O’Donnell is one of those who limit crowds, putting his iron mark on large herds of men.”

This great novel by Galdós inspired by Leopoldo O’Donnell has a superb start. It recounts the last movements of the Revolution of 1854 (narrated in the previous episode). The book focuses on the figure of Francisco Chico, chief of the police of Madrid. But above all, the portrait of the new bourgeois class stands out. And not with positive dyes precisely.
Faced with this precarious and difficult political situation in which Spain has been, the ups and downs of Teresa Villaescusa, a frivolous girl, belonging to the Madrid middle class whose vices and virtues reflect those of the country itself, serve as a counterpoint in this episode.
Galdós slips here a common denominator of this fourth series of the National Episodes. After so many turbulent years: the fundamental need to “eat”, to “have money to eat and to live”… As stated in the novel:

“Eat, eat! That is what it was all about, and our whole policy was nothing more than the conjugation of this substantial verb.”

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