Next to the Pasig

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Next to the Pasig, it expresses Rizal’s prophecies about a Philippines enslaved by the imperialist powers. The dramatic work of José Rizal is limited to two plays, each of an act comprising a presentation of more or less thirty minutes. They were written when the author was nineteen years old and studying at the University of Santo Tomas.
Next to the Pasig is written in the traditional romance of octosyllables, typical of the Golden Age.

Fragment of the work

The action takes place on the banks of the Pasig River, in the village of this name; The decoration represents the river, and the opposite bank to the one on which the characters are. You will see the church, houses, cane fields and a multitude of flags and ornaments typical of the peoples of the Archipelago. It is the hour of dawn and, consequently, the tone of the whole must be softly reproduced.

Scene I
Candido, Pascual and other children. (One carries flowers, and others with childhood flags and toys.)

Chorus: Roses, carnations,
Enjoyable pass,
It looks with thousand finery;
Divine dawn,
Its beautiful sky
Put on gentle light;
His eyes are divine,
His forehead the rosicler.
Her purplish lips
The chest burns:
In you, sweet beauty.
The confident mind goes;
In you, rich adventure
The happy soul will have.

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