News on the Medicinal Virtues of the Fountain of Caño

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News on the Medicinal Virtues of the Fountain of Caño in the Village of Babilafuente by Diego de Torres Villarroel is a treatise that delves into the analysis of the healing properties of the waters from a fountain in the village of Babilafuente, located near Salamanca, Spain. Villarroel, with a life full of adventures and multiple professions, from soldier to exorcist, gives his literary work a pragmatic purpose, focusing on the utility and economic benefit of his publications.
The work begins by describing the idyllic location of Babilafuente, highlighting its temperate climate, fertility, and the robustness and health of its inhabitants. The fountain, situated in fertile land and surrounded by vegetation suggesting its potential medicinal benefits, is presented as a natural resource of invaluable worth for the local community and visitors seeking relief for various ailments.
Villarroel recounts the discovery and curative properties of the fountain, emphasizing the transformation of a mere puddle into a fountain with waters of recognized medicinal virtues, thanks to the intervention of the Duchess of Alba. The waters of the fountain, through meticulous observation and chemical analysis conducted by Andrés Yáñez, a pharmacist from Salamanca, are found to contain vitriolic salts and sulfuric earth, indicating their potential to treat various conditions, particularly those related to blockages and kidney and bladder issues.
The work also addresses the mode of consumption and the recommended diet for those seeking a remedy in the fountain’s waters, reflecting a mix of empiricism and detailed observation that characterizes Villarroel’s approach to natural medicine. Furthermore, it presents cases of healing and health improvements in individuals who have drunk from its waters, arguing for its efficacy.
News on the Medicinal Virtues of the Fountain of Caño in the Village of Babilafuente is not only a guide on the healing properties of the fountain’s waters but also a testimony of life in Babilafuente during the 18th century. Villarroel’s work, by combining detailed description with personal anecdotes and scientific analysis, offers a unique view of the intersection between nature, society, and medicine of his time.

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