New American Letters

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788411268202
Hardcover ISBN: 9788499536842
Typographic rustic ISBN: 9788496290341

New American Letters is a title alluding to the American Letters of Alexander of Humboldt. Here Juan Valera, defends the point of view of Spain before the movements of Independence of Latin America. It also attacks the historical claims of the New World, specifically Cuba.
This is a very different perception from that shown in the official history of America. The author has a stark view of the ethnic origins of Latin America, although he uses economic and political arguments that deserve attention.
Juan Valera lived the conflicts between his fascination with foreign cultures and his conviction that Spain built the foundations of the world.
Valera wrote with a sincerity worthy of reflection. The world was changing after the political independence of the last Spanish colonies. In addition, the influence of positivist thought on intellectual activity in Latin America was gaining more and more weight. Likewise, U.S. pragmatism and international diplomacy were beginning to prevail. The unitary idea of a Christian West was in crisis.

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