Natural, Civil and Geographical History of the Nations

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Hardcover ISBN: 9788499536460
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Natural, Civil and Geographical History of the Nations Located on the Banks of the Orinoco River (Historia natural, civil y geográfica de las naciones situadas en las riveras del río Orinoco) was written by José Gumilla after living in America where he became interested in the study of natural history. Meanwhile, as a member of the Society of Jesus, he was engaged in evangelization.
Father Gumilla was a man of action and a diligent researcher of the natural sciences, indigenous medicine, geography, economics and languages of the inhabitants of the Orinoco basin. He founded several towns on the Apure and Meta rivers and in the Orinoco itself.
His notes and writings on the Orinoco River served for a long time as a necessary reference for all scientists interested in the nature of the intertropical zone, including, obviously, Alexander of Humboldt and many other travelers of the nineteenth century.

“The first diligence of an expert Architect, to whom a great Lord entrusts the factory of a magnificent Palace, is to form in his mind the idea, and then, by means of the proportions of the compass and the ruler, to make visible in a Plan the singular maneuvers that he drew in his fantasy: precise diligence, but not sufficient for all; Because although the right-hander in the faculty at the first sight of that tight pitipié will form a full concept of the superb machine that represents, on the contrary, for the one not versed in it is necessary a long explanation, so that he understands the design.
In this way and for the same purpose, in the factory (not magnificent, but natural) of this story I engraved in its frontispiece all the land, on which my pen will turn at a slow pace, identifying a variety of curious news. So that those who are in the terms of Geometry, understand the situation and polar height, as well as the Orinoco, as well as its slopes and fertile lands, vast the first glimpse of the proposed Plan; but as I do not write for the learned alone, I will have to accompany the Orinoco, from the slopes that are now discovered, until with immense flow it pays tribute to the Ocean, sweetening for many leagues its bitter foams.”

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