Mrs. Cornelia

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In Mrs. Cornelia Miguel de Cervantes is inspired by the usual elements of Italian novels of entanglement, which have a lot of theatrical and exemplary features. At first Cornelia seduces the reader by her sincere love and her desire to free herself from a life of confinement. However, some details will reveal his recklessness.

Don Antonio de Isunza and Don Juan de Gamboa, leading gentlemen of an age, very discreet and great friends, being students in Salamanca determined to leave their studies to go to Flanders, led by the boil of young blood and the desire (as they say usually) to see the world and for seeming to them that the exercise of arms, Although he arms and says well to all, he mainly settles and says better in the well-born and illustrious blood.
They arrived, therefore, in Flanders in time when things were at peace, or in concerts and tries to have it ready. They received letters in Antwerp from their parents, where they wrote the great anger they had received for having left their studies without telling them so that they would have come with the comfort that asked to be who they were. Finally, knowing the sorrow of their parents, they agreed to return to Spain, because there was no need to do in Flanders, but before returning they wanted to see all the most famous cities in Italy. And having seen them all, they stopped in Bologna, and admired the studies of that distinguished university they wanted to continue theirs there. They gave notice of their attempt to their parents, that they were infinitely loose and showed it by providing magnificently and so that they would show in their treatment who they were and what parents they had. And from the first day they went out to school, they were known to all by gentlemen, gallants, discreet and well bred.

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