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In Morsamor Juan Valera parodies the story of the Dean of Santiago. Around 1520 Fray Miguel de Zuheros lives in a Sevillian convent and regrets his life without risks. Father Ambrose of Utrera, a Theosophist, proposed to restart his life with Friar Tiburcio, under his old name of Morsamor. Both conquer Donna Olimpia and Teletusa in Lisbon, with whom they embark to India and there defend the Portuguese and the Brahmins from the Muslims. Morsamor marries the beautiful Urbasi and after losing her he goes to the Mughal country, where he meets the wise Sankacharia, friend of Fray Ambrosio. He then decides to return to Spain, and on the return trip he is shipwrecked… She wakes up in her convent, next to Friar Ambrose: she has understood the language of dreams and dies in peace among her friends.

“In the first third of the sixteenth century, and in a convent of Franciscan friars, located not far from the city of Seville, almost on the banks of the Guadalquivir and in pleasant solitude, lived a good professed religious, called Fray Miguel de Zuheros, probably because he was a native of the small town of that name.
He wasn’t the father tall or short, thin or thick. And since he was not distinguished either by extreme asceticism, nor by eloquence in the pulpit, nor by knowing much of theology and canons, nor by anything else, he passed unnoticed among the thirty-five or thirty-six friars who were in the convent.
He had professed more than forty years ago. And his life was slipping there calm and silent, without the slightest sign or indication that he could leave a trace of himself on the well-trodden road that led to its end: to a dark death and not mourned or lamented by anyone, because Fray Miguel, although he was not unfriendly, was not sympathetic either, he gave himself very little skill to win wills and friends, and, apparently, neither in the convent nor outside the convent did she have them.
In view of the above, no one can be surprised that the name and life of Fray Miguel have fallen into the deepest oblivion.”

Fragment of the work

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