Mexican Chronicle

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ISBN NFT: 9788411269438
Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788490074510
Hardcover ISBN: 9788498167672
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Fernando de Alvarado Tezozómoc wrote two chronicles:

  • This Mexican Chronicle, written in Spanish around 1598, which recounts the departure of Aztlan from the Aztec-Mexicas and ends with the beginning of the conquest;
  • and the Crónica mexicáyotl, composed in Nahuatl in 1609, which recounts the genealogies of the highest Mexica pipiltin (nobles), and exhibits their merits and rights.

Crónica Mexicana makes a particular effort to highlight the excellences and feats of the Mexica. It refers to peasants, artisans, merchants, warriors, priests and rulers, united by a common origin and culture. It also reflects an ideal past, in which the courage and warrior pundonor of their ancestors forged them honors and great wealth.
The Mexican Chronicle is a source of great importance for the study of Mexica society: it narrates the “official history” of the Tenochca ruling house. Its content is based on a narrative that glorifies Tenochtitlan’s past. It can be said that Tezozómoc wanted to extol the legacy of the Mexica nobility, to which he belonged.
Fernando de Alvarado Tezozomoc was educated as a Christian. Consequently he was taught to reject the gods, myths and customs of the ancient Mexicans. However, he remained true to the memory of his ancestors. He became the repository of the oral history of his people; And he was one of the few chroniclers of Mexica origin who left testimony of their civilization.
The work tells how the Mexica reached their splendor and conquered the world known to them. Manuel Orozco y Berra, its first editor, stated in the introduction to the Mexican Chronicle that this:

“It narrates the causes that motivated the wars and the result of these, revealing how rude, arbitrary, unjust there was in the conduct of the monarchs of the Triple Alliance; The dialogues are natural, the style hard, careless, typical of the peoples to whom they belong: in short, it is the tradition, the true tradition that the Mexica preserved in their seminaries and made the young students learn from choir.”

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