Memories of a Landowner

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Memories of a Landowner (Recuerdos de un hacendado) is a literary work by Godofredo Daireaux, a French writer and educator who lived in Argentina for a significant portion of his life. This book, published towards the end of his life, is essentially an autobiography that documents his experience as a landowner in the vast plains of La Pampa in the 19th century.
Throughout Memories of a Landowner, Daireaux provides a detailed description of rural and agricultural life at that time. He paints a picture of the desolate yet captivating landscape of La Pampa and narrates his experiences in managing his estate, from raising livestock to planting crops.
Daireaux also offers an insightful look into the social life in La Pampa during this period. He recounts his interactions with the gauchos, the rural workers of Argentina, and provides a unique perspective on their customs and ways of life.
Moreover, the work has a reflective dimension, where Daireaux contemplates life, humanity, and his role in it. Through his lens, readers can gain a deeper understanding of 19th-century Argentina and its people.
Memories of a Landowner is a personal and contemplative chronicle of Godofredo Daireaux’s life in rural 19th-century Argentina. The work is a valuable and vibrant portrait of life and culture in La Pampa at that time, and a testament to the human spirit in the face of life’s trials on the vast plain.

The Butler
The stay is sold. Two brothers have come to receive from her, blond, young, with many freckles on their faces, leggings on their legs and a plaid cloth cap on their heads.
They are, at the same time, the owners and managers. They speak Spanish with a lot of English accent, but they make themselves understood well, otherwise, they speak little.
To the old butler, a Creole born in that same field, when the Indians still often pasted their malones, and who has planted by his hand the oldest willows that give the house its shade, they have declared that they do not need his services, and that, since the haciendas have been counted and the material inventoried, You can retire with the family, whenever you like.
They have not denied him, they have even offered him a few days to seek his comfort, and the old man has thanked them.
He well knew, long ago, that the ranch was sold; that the old master had died that the will was half muddled and that the children had not been able to keep this property. But, while the thousand legal procedures were slowly developing, there, in the city, he continued to take care of the interests as he had always done.
A little dream, a small room, his modest living expenses paid; If he needed a hundred pesos, the boss never denied them, especially since the accounts were never completely settled. There was so much trust between the boss and him! He called him “patron”, because at last the stay was his; But they had always been companions.

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