Memoirs of Rafael de Nogales Méndez

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788498974522
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In the Memoirs of Rafael de Nogales Méndez (1879-1937) the adventures he lived in numerous countries are told, describing with delight his friends, relationships, activities and customs. But the most moving thing about the text, from a literary point of view, is the positioning of its narrative voice. At the beginning of his Memoirs he makes a distinction between the adventurer and the knight-errant.

“The first is an illiterate pedantic, or socially an idle gentleman, out of combat, who has no particular career and who is always ingeniously looking for a way to make money, which for him is paramount and worthy of any cult, even if it were murder, dishonor. Instead, the gentleman is: … a gentleman by birth. For every bold voluntary or selfless action he has an elegant gesture.
And like a walking Quixote, he begins to narrate his adventures…”

The Memoirs of Rafael de Nogales Méndez are the adventure books of a soldier, traveler and fighter against different dictatorships and governments. In them there is information about his life, his political struggles, his participation in:

  • the Spanish-American War in Cuba,
  • in Santo Domingo,
  • Haiti
  • China
  • Alaska
  • The Mexican Revolution

and his friendship with César Augusto Sandino.
Living up to its motto:

“When you see a good war, get ready to fight in it.”

Translation by: Ana Mercedes Pérez.

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