Matsuyama’s Mirror

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Matsuyama’s mirror. Juan Valera

Two young spouses have long lived in a very remote and rustic place. They had a daughter and both loved her wholeheartedly. I will not say the names of husband and wife, which have already fallen into oblivion, but I will say that the place where they lived was called Matsuyama, in the province of Echigo.
It had to happen, when the girl was still very small, that the father was forced to go to the big city, capital of the Empire. As it was so far away, neither the mother nor the child could accompany him, and he left alone, saying goodbye to them and promising to bring them, on the return, very nice gifts.
The mother had never gone beyond the nearby village, and so she could not dispel a certain fear when considering that her husband undertook such a long journey; but at the same time I felt proud satisfaction that it was he, by all those contours, the first man who went to the rich city, where the king and the magnates lived, and where so many primores and wonders had to be seen.
Anyway, when the woman knew that her husband was returning, he dressed the girl as best he could, and she dressed in a beautiful blue suit that she knew he liked extremely.
I do not dare to increase the joy of this good woman when she saw the husband return home safe and sound. The little girl clapped her hands and smiled with delight when she saw the toys her father brought her. And he did not tire of telling the extraordinary things he had seen, during the pilgrimage, and in the capital itself.
“To you,” he said to his wife, “I have brought you an object of strange merit; It’s called a mirror! Look at him and tell me what you see inside.
He then gave her a flat, white wooden box, where, when she opened it, she found a metal disc. On the one hand it was white as matte silver, with ornaments in enhancement of birds and flowers, and on the other, shiny and polished as crystal. There he looked at the young wife with pleasure and amazement, because from her depth he saw that he looked at her, with half-opened lips and animated eyes, a face that cheerfully smiled.

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