Master Raimundico

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788496428973

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Master Raimundico. Juan Valera

In several treatises on political economy I have seen an account, from which it turns out that the shoemakers’ industry in France has produced from the discovery of America until today six or seven times more wealth than all the gold and silver that have come to Europe from that new and immense continent. This encourages me, without hesitation of passing for the inventor of unlikely plots, to speak here of the master Raimundico.
Making shoes he began to be rich; He then increased his wealth by giving money to prize, although being a conscientious, God-fearing and very charitable man, he never took more than 10 per 100 a year; Then he founded and opened a shop or bazaar, where everything to sell was sold: sugar, coffee, beans, cod, playing cards, devotionals, books for school children and all kinds of fabrics and ornaments for the clothing of men and women. The master was also left with not a few farms of his debtors, and became the owner of vineyards, olive groves, orchards and farmhouses.
He no longer wielded the hoof, nor put on the tirapié, nor soiled his fingers with cerote; But true to his origin, he kept the shoe store, where official experts, his disciples, worked. The magnificent bazaar was adjoining. And next to the shoe store and the bazaar you could see the plastered and beautiful façade of his house, located in the widest and most central street of the town. Behind this house and in uninterrupted succession, there were patios, corrals, stables, tinados, cellars, barns, winery, oil mill, and in short, everything that can possess and possesses a wealthy farmer and owner of Andalusia. The false door, which gave entrance to these agricultural dependencies, could be said to be outside the walls of the town, if the town had walls, while the main door, as it is said, was in the center.
Master Raimundico had never wanted to engage or mingle in politics; But suddenly it had just changed. He had become a fusionist and had consented to be head of that political party and mayor in Villalegre.
He had been a widower for fifteen years. And about seven years ago he had his only son, Don Raimundo Roldán de Cadenas, studying or walking and slacking in Madrid, because on this point the authors differ. They also differ on the cause of the long and uninterrupted absence of the son, attributing it some to the more cheerful than secluded widowhood of the father, for whom the presence of the son would have been a hindrance or scandal, and attributing it others to the detachment and arrogance of the latter, who lived in Madrid as a very elegant and illustrious knight who spoke of his manor house and who was repugnant to return to the place to see the plebeian ordinariness. of his father and, the primitive and fundamental shoe store, tenaciously preserved.

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