Maria Sybilla Merian

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Maria Sybilla Merian, one of the most outstanding entomologists and artists of the seventeenth century, left an indelible mark on science and art during her stay in America. His trip to Suriname in 1699, together with his daughter, constitutes one of the most important and fascinating chapters of his life.
The decision to travel to Suriname was bold and challenging, especially for a woman at a time when such expeditions were rare and dangerous. Maria had a deep interest in nature, and also possessed great determination and courage.
During her two-year stay in Suriname, Maria undertook a meticulous exploration of the local fauna and flora, capturing in her illustrations the complexity and beauty of the tropical world. His work Metamorphosis of the Insects of Suriname is testimony to his skill and scientific rigor, offering an unparalleled insight into American biodiversity.
Maria did not just document, but interacted with local indigenous and African American communities, learning from their traditional knowledge and practices. This led her to challenge some of the European beliefs about American nature and to offer a new perspective, based on observation and direct experience.
Unfortunately, her stay in Suriname was cut short by health problems, forcing her to return to Europe. However, his legacy of America lives on and his impact on science and art remains relevant.
In our series of picture books, we seek to celebrate the figure of Maria Sybilla Merian, a woman who broke barriers and who, with her stay in Suriname, contributed greatly to our understanding of nature. His vivid and detailed illustrations and his story, full of passion and curiosity, continue to be a source of inspiration and a reminder that exploration and discovery have no limits.

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