March 19 and May 2

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El 19 de marzo y el 2 de mayo is the third novel of the first series of the National Episodes of Benito Pérez Galdós. It continues with the story of the young Cadiz Gabriel de Araceli, who is also the protagonist of the two previous episodes, La Corte de Carlos IV and Trafalgar, also published in Linkgua.
Gabriel de Araceli will be a direct witness of the Mutiny of Aranjuez on March 19, 1808, by which Fernando VII became king of Spain after the abdication of his father Carlos IV and in which the minister Manuel Godoy will fall into disgrace.
After that, Gabriel manages to leave Aranjuez and returns to Madrid, where he starts working as a servant in the house of Inés’ uncles, the Requejo brothers, who have taken care of her. There you will witness the assault on the artillery barracks in which Daoiz and Velarde became the most memorable heroes. You will also see the massacre that the French provoked in the Plaza Mayor and will even be the protagonist of the executions of the Moncloa.
Parallel to these events, Inés’ uncles learn that she is the daughter of a rich countess, so one of them wants to marry her to inherit her fortune. At the end of March 19 and May 2, Gabriel hatches a plan to get his beloved out of the Requejo home. He succeeds, but in the end he is captured by the French along with Inés and his uncle, the parish priest.

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