Mail from Another World to the Great Piscator of Salamanca

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ISBN illustrated paperback: 9788490072059
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El Mail from Another World to the Great Piscator of Salamanca (Correo del otro mundo al Gran Piscátor de Salamanca) is an epistolary dialogue between Diego de Torres Villarroel and the Gran Piscátor Sarrahal de Milán, a supposed fortune teller who writes to the author from the underworld.
It is known that Torres Villarroel was a well-known exorcist of spirits and witches. He faced serious problems with the Inquisition. He had the protection of the Duke of Alba and the Countess of Arcos, in whose house he lived for two years.
Villarroel himself wrote that:

“…foreigners who come to Salamanca, for many years have not asked for the University, nor for the square, nor for the caves where the devils taught… but for Don Diego de Torres, thinking they will find a stupendously affable monster, or a deformed oracle, preacher of mysteries, divinations, fortunes, misfortunes or inanities”.

Tradition has it that he predicted two events of enormous importance in Spain and in world history: the Esquilache riot and the French Revolution. Villarroel also participated in public competitions, suffered imprisonment and was later appointed vice-rector of the University of Salamanca. There he also held the chair of Mathematics.
El Mail from Another World to the Great Piscator of Salamanca is a figurative account of the concerns and virtues of divination.

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