Love Diary

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788499539799
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411260664

This Love Diary is a testimony of the sentimental ideology of his time. This book contains an autobiography and a series of letters; It can be read as a love narrative, as a study of seduction and its strategies or even as a vindication of the feminine condition. Here the love experiences of Avellaneda’s stay in Spain are narrated. It is the exhibition of a “life in the manner of romanticism”, notorious in sentimental passion, in the emotionality reflected in a stylized prose. It is ironic that this autobiography of Avellaneda was written as a book of confessions addressed to her lover Ignacio Cepeda, with the purpose of satisfying her curiosity.
When Avellaneda met Ignacio she was barely twenty-five years old and seemed aware that an excess of lucidity could separate her from her lover. However, after these compliments, a few pages later the Avellaneda is more sincere and stark; His comments show a cold and rational perception of his lover that has nothing to do with love passion:

Do you know that there is nothing gallant about you? You are singular. Your talent is sometimes eclipsed in an implausible way. Listen: you have not known me but by one of my faces: by that of my heart; you do not know that if I wanted to consult only my talent and my knowledge of the human heart; If I let my vanity as a woman and my experience as a philosopher work, neither your love for the one you cry, nor your calm, nor your boredom, nor anything would save you, you who want to save me. Yes; I would dominate you with my cool head; I would subjugate you to my pleasure; I’d drive you crazy if I felt like it.

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