Live crazy and die more

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Vivir loco y morir más is José Zorrilla’s first play, written when he was barely twenty years old. It was a notorious success among critics and the public. It is a romantic work that recounts the hardships of passionate young people eager to live intensely.
The artist’s dedication and weariness of the world, alcohol as a way out, honor and revenge, make Vivir loco y morir más a tragedy that reflects on the will of not giving up anything. The piece is in a way a reflection of 19th century Spain, an exposition of the desire for romantic fulfillment.

Act I. The Punch

Pablo Román’s room, almost miserable in appearance; a table, chairs, papers, drawings, and on an easel an unfinished portrait. A few flower vases hung on the wall.

Scene I
Alberto seated, and Román standing, by the Scene.

Román: (Pointing to a gold coin on the table).
It is the last doubloon.

Alberto: Luck, by the way, cruel.

Román: Let’s toast together with him
to our separation.
Tomorrow, the same as today,
will bring its hours the day;
we are left with our joy
in your soul, Alberto.

Alberto: I am
of it, and the pain of it is extremely painful.
Is there nothing else to do, Román?

Román: Days come and go,
and that it will not come I fear

Alberto: Luck perhaps
better fortune for you.

Román: It is late, it is importunate,
and in impatience I embrace myself.
So many hours of waiting,
so many days of pain,
waiting for a better one
that will never come!
And dreaming of glory and name
sitting at the lintel of a sky,
crawl on the ground
under the plant of man!
No more, Alberto, for God’s sake,
today is our farewell:
maybe another in this life
we will find each other.

Alberto: Román, and this is how you give up
So much eagerness, so much hope?
Without bitterness is it possible to
that dream crown?
Work, suffer and wait,
that in suffering and waiting
is perhaps to find
that coming fame.

Fragment of the work

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