Lisardo in Love

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Lisardo in Love (Lisardo enamorado) by Alonso de Castillo Solórzano is a masterful piece that captures the essence of Spanish Golden Age literature, although it notably deviates from the picaresque trend often associated with the author. The work introduces us to the character of Lisardo, a gallant and lovestruck knight who guides us through a series of adventures and enigmas that go beyond the simple social satire one might expect from Castillo Solórzano.
The most outstanding aspect of Lisardo in Love is undoubtedly Lisardo himself. His figure as a lovestruck knight provides a fresh and dynamic canvas to explore universal themes of love and desire. Castillo Solórzano’s narrative unfolds in such a way that we can’t help but sympathize with Lisardo in his romantic endeavors, even when his choices may not be the wisest. His character rises beyond the romantic archetype to become a complex being, full of emotions and dilemmas that become the core of the work.
As for the style, Castillo Solórzano offers a detailed and emotionally resonant narrative that is characteristic of his writing. However, unlike other works by the author, he distances himself from the picaresque to focus more on romance. This change in tone allows him to explore human emotions and relationships more deeply, delivering a story that is both thrilling and emotionally rich.
The absence of social satire, common in Castillo Solórzano’s picaresque works, could be considered a bold move. But this choice turns out to be a strength in Lisardo in Love, as it allows us to immerse ourselves more fully in the psychology of the characters and the intricate web of relationships that define their world.
Lisardo in Love is an essential work for those interested in Spanish Golden Age literature and a delightful read for anyone who enjoys a good romance. With its focus on the complexities of love and relationships, and its deviation from picaresque conventions, Alonso de Castillo Solórzano demonstrates a versatility as a writer that further enriches his already considerable legacy.

“With the black shadows of a dark and gloomy night, walked the lover Lisardo, accompanied by more painful thoughts, cruel executioners of his soul, than servants of the illustrious and noble house of his parents, because with only one, faithful archive of his secrets and sure guardian of his person, he was on his way to the Kingdom of Valencia, leaving in haste to Madrid, his beloved homeland, Distinguished Court of the Catholic Philip, fourth of this name, infamous monarch of the two Spains. In this distinguished villa Lisardo had his old plot and qualified house being the firstborn in it and successor of a large mayorazgo that at present his old father possessed.
The afflicted gentleman was as surrounded by confusion as he was scorched with rabid jealousy. It was the cause of his sorrow, and the vigilance of his cares; the most beautiful Gerarda, rare miracle of nature, the only phoenix of beauty and recreation of the eyes of courtly youth. His cousins, his graces and gifts, were highly celebrated in the Court, without any of his perfect parts having any beauty that competed with them, nor discretion that with his emulated him. From knowing Lysard in this prodigy of beauty with such care the general esteem that everyone made of such a perfect subject, were born the sleeplessness and fears, cause of his restlessness and of which forced him to leave his country, offended to see unthankfully paid his firm faith and his stable perseverance. “

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