Lima traditions

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Tradiciones limeñas is an anthology of the many traditions that Ricardo Palma (1833-1919) wrote about Lima. Being attentive to the colonial past with its tales of ghosts, apparitions, immoral viceroys, daring women, saints and rogues, earned him many criticisms in his time: in this pleasant reconstruction of the past the daily and effective life of a society is shown. This edition includes an introduction by José Carlos Mariátegui.

Mariquita Castellanos was everything that is called a real moza, an archbishop’s bite and a hearer’s treat. It was as if to sing this popular couplet:
If I saw with you the key to the door thrown, and the blacksmith died, and the key broke…
Didn’t you know her, reader?
Me neither; but to an old man, who reached the good times of Viceroy Amat, I spent the dead hours listening to him tell stories of the Marujita, and he told me the saying that serves as the title of this article.
Mica Villegas was an actress of the theater of Lima, headache of the excellency viceroy of these kingdoms of Peru by S. M. Carlos III, and to whom his enlightened lover, who could not sit academic place for his correctness in that of pronouncing the language of Castile, apostrophized in the moments of anger, frequent among those who love each other, calling it Perricholi. The Perricholi, whose pen better cut than that of this humble servant of yours has written the biography, was a female of very little beauty. It seems that the viceroy was not a man of very delicate palate.
María Castellanos, as I have had the pleasure of saying, was the prettiest brunette from Lima who has ever worn four-and-a-half-point shoes.

As one and one are two,
For the brunettes I die:
the white, made it a silversmith;
the brown, God did.

Such was a popular couplet of that time, and to faith that Marujilla must have been the muse that inspired the poet. He told me, licking himself, that subject of Amat, that even the Sun was cross-eyed and the Moon speechless when that girl, set on twenty-five pins, went out to give a green through the portals.
But, just as the Villegas brought the retortero nothing less than the viceroy, the Castellanos had attached to his petticoats the empingorotado count of •••, old millionaire, and that, despite his scourges and Decembers, retained fondness for the fruit of paradise. If the viceroy did crazy things for the one, the count did not lag behind for the other.
La Villegas wanted to humiliate the ladies of the aristocracy, flaunting her equivocal spells in a carriage and on the public promenade. The entire nobility was scandalized and swirled against the viceroy. But the comedian, who had already satisfied her vanity and caprice, gave the carriage to the parish of San Lázaro so that the parish priest could leave driving the Viaticum. And keep in mind that, at that time, a carriage cost an eye of the face, and that of the Perricholi was the most splendid among those that looked in the Alameda.

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