Life of Juan Facundo Quiroga. Civilization and Barbarism

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Life of Juan Facundo Quiroga. Civilization and Barbarism (Vida de Juan Facundo o civilización y barbarie) (1845) is one of the most representative books of 19th century Argentine literature. His dichotomy “civilization or barbarism” had an influence on the cultural and political life of Argentina, from its appearance to the present.
It is a biography with deep reflective elements that portrays the temperament of a tyrant of Argentina. Its author, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, strives to capture in all its nuances a type of authoritarian character that marked the history of the American 19th century. Sarmiento not only deals with the character in question but is also interested in the context in which he lived.
As the title of the text indicates, Sarmiento proposes to narrate the life of Facundo Quiroga. Months before, he had written a biography of the Mendoza caudillo Fray Félix Aldao and, at the end of his life, he wrote the biography of his son, Domingo Fidel Sarmiento.
Life of Juan Facundo Quiroga was written in the form of a pamphlet and appeared for almost three months in the newspaper El Progreso. It was during Sarmiento’s exile in Santiago de Chile. The work is divided into three parts:

  • the first refers to the landscape,
  • the second one traces the biography of Quiroga
  • and the third theorizes on the political organization of the country, centered on the figure of Juan Manuel de Rosas.

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