Life of Father Master Juan de Ávila

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This Life of Father Master Juan de Ávila written by Fray Luis de Granada, was written under the influence of the mystic of Avila, whose life is collected here, and this raised the suspicions of the Inquisition.

That solicitous father of families who at all hours of the day is taking workers to cultivate his vineyard, never lets any age pass that does not awaken some very marked workers, who with their work and industry help this work. Among whom was He served to call this new worker, whose life we began to write for the glory of the same father of the families and of this worker whom He chose, beseeching the same father that, for this servant of his; For it is right that he who sought so much all the time he lived should be glorified on earth to glorify him who reigns in heaven.
And although it is little to know the origin of the fathers that the servants of God had on earth, because they have God as a father in heaven, this is still usually written for the glory of the land that this fruit produced, and of the parents who begot it. It was, then, this natural servant of God of Almodóvar del Campo, who is in the archbishopric of Toledo. His parents were among the most honest and wealthy in this place and, what is more, God-fearing; for such were to be those which such a plant was to produce; And they had nothing but just this son.
When he was fourteen years old, his father sent him to Salamanca to study law, and shortly after having begun them he made our Lord our mercy to call him with a very particular calling. And, having left the study of law, he returned to his parents’ house; and as a person already touched by God, he asked them to let him be in a room away from the house, and so he did, because it was strange the love they had for him. In this room he had a very small and very poor cell, where he began to do penance and a very rough life. His bed was on some branches, and the food was of much penance, adding to this sackcloth and disciplines. The parents felt this tenderly; but they did not contradict him, considering, as God-fearing, the mercy he did to them in this. He persevered in this way of life for almost three years. He confessed very often, and his devotion began with the Blessed Sacrament, and so he stood many hours before him; and seeing this, and the reverence with which he received communion, the clergy were so edified as the people of the place. Passing by a religious of the Order of St. Francis, and marveling at so much virtue at such an age, advised him and his parents to send him to study in Alcalá, because with his letters he could better serve Our Lord in his Church and so it was done.

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