Life is a Dream

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Life is a Dream (La vida es sueño), by Pedro Calderón de la Barca (1600-1681), is a play written in 1635. In it its protagonist, Prince Sigismund, questions the meaning of life while in captivity.
In this work Vasily, learned king of Poland, sees his wife die when giving birth to their son Sigismund. Thus he comes into the world “giving hints of his condition.”
Basil becomes convinced that his heir is cursed. He believes that his unfortunate birth is a sign that in the future he will be a ruthless monarch. He then decides to explain that his son died along with the mother and completely isolate Sigismund by locking him in a tower.
However, over the years, the king hesitates. Hatch a plot to check if your child is worthy of freedom or confirm the worst omens. He frees Sigismund and gives him the throne, after intoxicating him so that the young man does not know if he dreams or is awake.
Thus, in case he must return to captivity, he will only regret that his dream was nothing more than that…
Sigismund suddenly wakes up in a world he didn’t even know existed and discovers an identity he didn’t know. Plunged into daze and restlessness, he is suspicious of everything he sees.
From this intricate anecdote, Calderón thus offers one of the most universal reflections on the nature of the real and the fictitious. And, despite the unique story of the character, the confusion and uncertainty of Sigismund are reminiscent of those of any man.
Life is a Dream is about the opposition and duality between free will and predestination. Emphasizing the doubt between the limits of reality and dream.
The interest in these themes is justified, since Life is a Dream was written in the middle of the Baroque context.

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