Letters of the Audience of Quito

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Letters of the Audience of Quito (Letras de la audiencia de Quito) presents a compilation of the literature produced in Quito during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The book is divided into four main sections: Historians and chroniclers of the Marañón, Writers of spirituality, Orators and Lyrics.
These sections mainly collect texts by Jesuits, who played an important role in the Quito Audiencia. They promoted feelings of guilt and penance to control the senses, but they also broadened the horizons of Quito life by missionary in a vast territory and perform divine feats. These stories were disseminated both orally and in writing in cities and towns.
The first section of the book addresses this topic, while the second focuses on hagiographic texts by mystical writers. The third section includes fragments of sacred speeches, and the last summarizes the production of the outstanding lyric poet of the Jesuit era, Juan Bautista Aguirre. His texts encompass erotic, satirical and epic poetry, along with some of his most important sonnets.

The edition of Letters of the Audience of Quito has been carefully done by Hernán Rodríguez Castelo.

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