Letters from Juan Sintierra

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The Letters of Juan Sintierra were published by José María Blanco White between March and December 1811 in the London newspaper El Español. They are a lucid criticism of the Cortes of Cádiz, at a time of incipient development of constitutional models in Spain. However, in these letters Blanco White is pessimistic in his expectations. He does not believe that the members of the Cortes know how to legislate at the height of the historical moment that the country is experiencing. At that time Spain was under French occupation and the reign of Joseph Bonaparte.
At that time Blanco White is a Juan Sintierra, lives in exile in London, safe from the persecutions caused by the religious fervor of his homeland. He never dreamed that years later he would be included in Marcelino Menéndez y Pelayo’s Historia de los heterodoxos españoles. Let the author speak. Below we quote the first of the Letters of Juan Sintierra.

“Mr. Editor of Spanish:
Dear Sir, A few days ago I received a letter from Cadiz written by a subject of undoubted credit and veracity, and imposed quite thoroughly on public business, of which I have thought it convenient to give you news, because as I see, you have very few directly from that people. My news is not pleasant, and if I had to publish it under my name it would surely not have left my wallet; But as you already have little to lose in these matters, I mean, as the hatred which you have aroused in many of your countrymen will not grow or wane because you say something again that displeases them, I am determined to send my news, wrapped in a centon of reflections, in case you want to publish them, and, as we commonly say, suffer for me the stones.
“You know,” says my friend from Cadiz, “that I have been one of the happiest in matters of revolution in Spain; But I have come lately to fall into much discouragement. The Cortes, in which we had placed our last hopes, have missed the blow, and have not excited, or have not been able to preserve the public spirit that could save us. Lost the first opportunity is difficult for them to do anything. And it is not because there are not in the Cortes men of much benefit; not because in general their individuals lack good intentions, nor patriotism, but because, being very good, they are not what the circumstances of Spain demanded: they have spoken and done nothing…”

Juan Sintierra

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