New Spanish painting

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New Spanish painting immerses us in the fascinating artistic world of the colonial era in the region of New Spain. This book is a tribute to the master painters who left an indelible mark on the history of art, capturing on canvases and murals the rich traditions, spirituality and complexities of a society in constant transformation.
Through richly illustrated and carefully researched pages, La pintura novohispana guides us through a journey through time, revealing the diversity of styles and themes that defined that artistic current. From gilded church altarpieces to portraits of illustrious characters and the mysteries of religious iconography, this book reveals the skill and creativity of painters who masterfully transformed pigments into emotions and visual narratives.
Each chapter introduces us to outstanding artists of New Spanish painting, whose emblematic works are intertwined with the cultural and social nuances of their time:

1. Miguel Cabrera
– Outstanding works:
– “Portrait of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz”
– “Virgin of the Milk”

2. Cristobal de Villalpando
– Outstanding works:
– “The Assumption of the Virgin”
– “San Andrés Avelino”

3. Juan Correa
– Outstanding works:
– “San Juan Nepomuceno”
– “Virgin of the Milk and the Good Birth”

4. Juan Rodriguez Juarez
– Outstanding works:
– “Virgin of Guadalupe”
– “Portrait of Sister Mary of the Angels”

5. Jose de Paez
– Outstanding works:
– “The Annunciation”
– “Virgin of Solitude”

6. Jose de Ibarra
– Outstanding works:
– “San Felipe de Jesús”
– “The Apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe”

7. Nicolas Enriquez
– Outstanding works:
– “The Last Supper”
– “The Martyrdom of Saint Philip of Jesus”

8. Simon Pereyns
– Outstanding works:
– “Santa Rosa de Lima”
– “The Holy Christ of Burgos”

9. Manuel Rodriguez Lozano
– Outstanding works:
– “Self-portrait with Tragedy and Mystery”
– “The Virgin of the Poor”

10. Andres de Concha
– Outstanding works:
– “Portrait of Archbishop Juan Antonio de Vizarrón y Eguiarreta”
– “Immaculate Conception”

11. Baltasar de Echave Ibía
– Outstanding works:
– “The Immaculate Conception”
– “San Pedro Nolasco”

12. Antonio de Torres
– Outstanding works:
– “Virgen de los Remedios”
– “The Holy Family”

13. Evaristo de Churruca and Sagasti
– Outstanding works:
– “The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian”
– “Immaculate Conception”

14. José María Villaseñor y Sánchez
– Outstanding works:
– “The Burial of Christ”
– “Portrait of Bishop Juan Sánchez de la Barquera”

15. Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz
– Outstanding works:
– “The Virgin Mary of Bethlehem”
– “San Francisco Solano”

Luis Juárez

– Outstanding works:
– “Apparition of the Child Jesus to Saint Anthony of Padua”
– “The Annunciation”

New Spanish painting It not only celebrates the beauty and technique of the works, but also pays tribute to the ability of these artists to capture the essence of an era, transmitting through their brushes and pigments a cultural richness and identity that transcends the boundaries of time and space.
Written with passion and knowledge, this book is a valuable resource for art lovers and those interested in immersing themselves in the history of colonial America. New Spanish painting It invites us to appreciate and understand the profound artistic contribution of New Spanish painters, whose legacy lives on in every work exhibited in museums and galleries, and who continues to inspire future generations to explore the past through the eyes of the masters of the brush.

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