King Joseph’s Baggage

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The Luggage of King Joseph is the first novel in the second series of the National Episodes of Benito Pérez Galdós.
King Joseph’s Baggage ironically defines the booty that the French troops stole (works of art, jewelry, valuable furniture and, of course, money) in their withdrawal from the Peninsula before the push of the guerrillas and the army commanded by Wellington, mainly after the battle of Vitoria, one of the last episodes of the War of Independence.
In this second series of the National Episodes the protagonist is Salvador Monsalud, who takes over from Gabriel de Araceli in the narration of historical and fictitious events. Salvador is a Frenchman, a detail with which Galdós demonstrates his skillful irony to raise the story.
Following Monsalud we followed the convoy of the French in their flight, harassed on all flanks by the guerrillas and regular troops. The “Frenchman” left Spain definitively. The brave struggle of guerrillas and soldiers (Spanish and British armies) had finally borne fruit.

Reference edition: Reference edition: Madrid, Imprenta y Litografía de La Guirnalda, 1875.

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