Juanita the Long

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788499538280
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411260695

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Juanita la Larga, by Juan Valera, is a love story between a mature man and a young woman. Narrated with a peculiar customs, the landscape, the characters and the language, are exposed with idealistic stylization.
The plot takes place in Villalegre, a fictional site inspired by the Cordovan town of Cabra, the author’s birthplace. Juanita is a humble young woman, the most beautiful and desired of Villalegre, and becomes the object of Don Paco’s desire. Set in mid-nineteenth century Spain, Juanita la Larga recounts the difficulties of the characters, subjected to social pressures and the hypocrisy of the customs of the time.
Valera maintains in Juanita la Larga his aesthetic principles, confronted with naturalistic determinism. In his own words in his essay On the Nature and Character of the Novel :

“In the world of fantasy, which is the world of the novel, we must admit, no longer as plausible, but as true, all the legitimate spawns of fantasy. The criterion of fantastic plausibility is the one that decides on the legitimacy of these spawns, subjected in their birth, in their development and life, to certain laws of convenience and logic. Thus, for example, a man endowed with the faculty of flying has nothing implausible in a novel: but he would have it, if the poet who believed him did not have at the same time enough magic of style and enough representative virtue to move us to the imaginary regions in which it is plausible that a man flies and to paint him in such a way that, In spite of our unbelief, we see him go through the air.”

Ultimately, in this work, above the vicissitudes, love triumphs and the couple ends up getting married.

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