Juan Valera’s Theater

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This anthology of Juan Valera’s Theater is a diverse and nuanced collection that includes historical dramas and light comedies, showcasing the versatility and depth of its author. Through this anthology, we witness Valera’s ability to explore the deepest corners of the human soul, as well as to criticize and satirize the social conventions of his time. The collection includes:

  1. Amor puesto a prueba (Love Put to the Test): A work that dissects the challenges of true love, testing it against obstacles of distrust and intrigue. Through its characters, Valera examines the resilience of love in the face of adversity, offering a hopeful look at redemption through faith and sincerity.
  2. Asclepigenia: With a historical and philosophical background, this work takes us to ancient Greece to present a debate on science, faith, and philosophy. Asclepigenia, the protagonist of the work, confronts the prejudices of her time, defending her right to education and knowledge against the restrictions imposed by her gender and social class.
  3. Estragos de amor y celos (Ravages of Love and Jealousy): A drama that unravels the destructive effects of jealousy and possessiveness in romantic relationships. Valera uses this work to reflect on human nature and the thin line between love and obsession, showing how jealousy can corrode the strongest bonds.
  4. Gopa: This work introduces us to a world of fantasy and history, where myths and legends come to life to tell the story of Gopa, a princess who defies expectations and fights for her destiny. Valera combines epic elements with criticism of social norms, creating a rich and enveloping narrative.
  5. La venganza de Atahualpa (The Revenge of Atahualpa): A powerful historical drama that recreates the last days of the Inca Empire and the fall of Atahualpa. Through the figure of the last Inca emperor, Valera explores themes of justice, revenge, and resistance, offering a critical perspective on the conquest and its consequences.
  6. Lo mejor del tesoro (The Best of the Treasure): A comedy that plays with perceptions of wealth and value, questioning what truly constitutes a treasure in our lives. With a light but deeply reflective tone, Valera invites viewers to reconsider their priorities and values.
  7. Los telefonemas de Manolita (Manolita’s Phone Calls): A contemporary work that, through humor and satire, addresses communication in the modern era. Through a series of misunderstandings and comedic situations, Valera criticizes the dependence on technology and the loss of personal communication.

Juan Valera’s Theater not only entertains but also invites reflection and questioning, establishing its author as a sharp critic and perceptive observer of the human condition.

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