Juan Moreira

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The novel Juan Moreira, by Eduardo Gutiérrez, had great popularity and was taken to the theater, cinema and comics.
Moreira (Flores 1829-Lobos, 1874) was an Argentine gaucho. His father was the mazorquero José Custodio, a Spaniard who integrated the Corps of Serenos, famous for its cruelty.
It is alleged that Rosas himself gave Moreira’s father a sealed envelope with the order to take it to the commander of the Santos Lugares barracks. The envelope contained the order to immediately execute the bearer, and so it happened.
For almost thirty years Juan Moreira had a quiet life, dedicated to rural work. His marriage to “la Vicenta” marked the beginning of his tragedy. The area’s deputy mayor – known as Don Francisco – was also in love with her.
First Don Francisco imposed a fine of 500 pesos for not requesting authorization to celebrate the wedding.
By then Moreira had lent the town’s storekeeper, about 10,000 pesos; he refused to repay the loan and Moreira denounced him to the deputy mayor. The alleged debtor denied the facts and Moreira was this time forty-eight hours in detention.
Moreira swore to take a stab for every 1,000 pesos of debt and kept his promise in a knife duel. He then fought against Don Francisco and four soldiers, killing Don Francisco and two other soldiers.
Juan Moreira toured the cities of Navarro, General Las Heras, Lobos, 25 de Mayo and spent some time in the tolderías of Cacique Coliqueo. Upon his return, he continued his wandering life and confronted law enforcement.
In April 1874 the governor of the province of Buenos Aires sent him to the police. Moreira was surrounded in the warehouse and grocery store “La Estrella”. There he fought with all his tricks and when fleeing he received a fatal bayonet from a policeman that punctured his left lung.
Even so, Moreira managed to shoot his trabuco wounding the policeman in the face, who lost an eye and four fingers from an ax.

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