Journey from Cuzco to Bethlehem in Gran Pará

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788498973617
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411260398

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Journey from Cuzco to Bethlehem in Gran Pará recounts the vicissitudes of the life of José Manuel Valdez y Palacios, who fled Cuzco in 1843 after riots. His house was the victim of an assault. She was looted and her property confiscated during the revolt, so she had to escape to the Brazilian border.
He crossed the foothills of the eastern Andes and entered the Amazon jungle sailing by raft. The trip was an evocation of his readings of Chateaubriand and Rousseau.
Journey from Cuzco to Bethlehem in Gran Pará is also a turbulent journey, marked by exile, through the Andes. On the story and the landscape weighs the pain of the author, after leaving his home.

I do not know if there is in the world a vision so grandiose, so sublime and so varied as the one presented by the Andes Mountains. The mountains that form it rise to such a great elevation and are grouped one over the other in such a way that when the traveler, tired after a long day thinks he has reached the summit of the last peak, he is suddenly on the slopes of another, who appears as if by charm rising with the same majesty as the previous ones and hiding his peaks between clouds. The different chains and branches, formed by these mountains extend in all directions with infinite shapes and aspects. As for the lower chains, they form a tight, waving and flexible mountain range, with gloomy rings which seem from time to time to be ready to separate, and which in fact are sometimes separated here and there, to let a stretch of sky pass, the highest parts being topped by pyramidal points and sharp teeth, by rocks sharpened by storms, which present to lightning and winds their worn tips with an aspect that has something decrepit, ruinous and terrible, which saddens the heart and elevates the soul. When stepping on the depressed and flat peaks the traveler feels that the earth moves under his plants and this, which is like a prolonged fear for the mountain, makes him conceive that the terrestrial globe is under the powerful influence of some greater planet that moves it.

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