Illustrations by Víctor Patricio de Landaluze

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Víctor Patricio de Landaluze (1828-1889) was a Spanish painter born in Bilbao who emigrated to Cuba and became an important figure in nineteenth-century costumbrista painting in that country.
Throughout his career, Landaluze created a work documenting life and culture in Cuba during the colonial period. He focused particularly on scenes of the daily life and customs of the Afro-Cuban and Creole population, distinguished by his keen sense of observation and his use of color and detail.
Landaluze is perhaps best known for his series of works Tipos y costumbres de la isla de Cuba, published in book form in 1881. This collection of color lithographs depicts a variety of everyday characters and scenes in Cuba, including Afro-Cuban dances and religious ceremonies, work scenes, and portraits of individuals from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds.
In his work, Landaluze combined detailed realism with certain stereotypes and caricatures. His depictions are often humorous or satirical, and sometimes contain subtle critiques of Cuban society of his time. However, they also reflect a deep respect and affection for the people and customs he portrays.
In summary, Landaluze’s work provides a detailed and nuanced view of life and culture in Cuba in the nineteenth century. Although some of his representations may be problematic from a contemporary perspective because of their racism, his work remains a valuable contribution to the art of manners and the cultural history of the Caribbean.

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