Illustrations by José Guadalupe Posada

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José Guadalupe Posada is especially known for his iconic illustrations of skulls and skeletons, which have become representative symbols of the Day of the Dead holiday in Mexico.
José Guadalupe Posada was a prominent Mexican illustrator, recognized for his extensive contribution to popular art and Mexican culture. He was born in 1852 and died in 1913.
Posada worked as an engraver and illustrator for much of his life, creating numerous images spanning social, political, and cultural themes. His illustrations are characterized by their unique and distinctive style, using techniques such as metal engraving and lithography.
In addition to his famous calacas and skulls, Posada illustrated a wide variety of subjects, including scenes from everyday life, historical events, folk characters, corridos, and folktales. His images capture in a satirical and humorous way aspects of the Mexican society of his time.
Posada’s illustrations were not only appreciated in his time, but his artistic legacy has endured over the years. His work has influenced numerous subsequent Mexican artists and has become an important element of Mexico’s cultural identity.
José Guadalupe Posada’s images are recognizable for their distinctive aesthetics and symbolic meaning, and continue to be appreciated and celebrated as a popular art form and a representation of Mexico’s cultural richness.

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