Human Poems

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The Human Poems of César Vallejo, were written between 1931 and 1937, and published in Paris in 1939 by Georgette Vallejo, widow of the poet, and Raúl Porras Barrenechea. The edition also contained two other books of Vallejo’s poems written between 1923 and 1929:

  • Prose Poems,
  • and Spain, Remove this Chalice from Me.

It was called Human Poems to a group of 76 poems, differentiated from the Prose Poems. In 1961 they appeared as an independent book published in Lima. Later, in a new edition of Vallejo’s Complete Poetic Work (Lima, Francisco Moncloa Editores, 1968).
Critics have considered the Human Poems among the best of Vallejo’s work. During the Parisian edition, Georgette and Raúl Porras doubted what title to give to this group of poems that Vallejo left in a folder without any indication. Georgette kept a notebook of the poet’s notes. It mentioned a book of “human poems”; And it seemed to him that this might be an appropriate title.
However, the label “human poems” (in lowercase, in the notebook) was an allusion to the subject of a book in progress, not its title. And years later, Georgette considered that the most successful thing would have been to title this set “New Verses”.
After the Paris edition of Human Poems in 1939 other editions appeared: Complete poems. 1918-1938 with compilation, foreword and notes by César Miró (Buenos Aires, Editorial Losada, 1949). And in 1968, Georgette published the complete Poetic Work, together with the original manuscripts in facsimile.
Other editions of Vallejo’s Complete Works have respected the division of the Moncloa edition. Although in this edition Georgette changed the order in which she arranged the poems in 1939.
In the edition of Moncloa the Human Poems are 76. According to Georgette’s testimony, they were written between October 1931 and November 21, 1937. The best-known poem in this book is “Black Stone on a White Stone”:

“I will die in Paris with a downpour,
A day of which I already have the memory.
I’ll die in Paris—and I don’t run.
Maybe on a Thursday, as it is today, in autumn.”

Its title alludes to the tradition of the inhabitants of Santiago de Chuco, city of the poet, to place a black stone on a white stone to mark the burials.

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