Homo obsoletus. Precariousness and Disempowerment in Turboglobalization

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Homo Obsoletus. Precariousness and Disempowerment in Turboglobalization It confirms that today’s humanity lives its desires in an endless postmodern labyrinth. Today it is very difficult to safeguard what makes us human because, easily, it becomes an almost impossible Faustian dream and condemned to an inevitable obsolescence. Various socially generated pathologies that characterize the different periods and types of society, threaten a population that needs great courage, strength and efforts to overcome them.
Does Homo Obsoletus describe a momentary destiny or the contemporary existential condition? How does it relate to a turboglobalization characterized by the exponential acceleration of changes generated by uncontrollable processes of “impersonal compulsion” and “creative destruction”? Is the only freedom possible today that powerful and, at the same time, disturbing post-Fordist, cognitive and neoliberal capitalism? Does it empower by guaranteeing the greatest individual freedom or, rather, does it disempower by condemning incessant self-reinvention? How to find peace, maintain self-esteem and avoid burnout in a world of thin ice sheet, where you have to run incessantly so that it does not break under your feet?
With clarity, rigor and amenity, Homo Obsoletus by Gonçal Mayos analyzes and answers such decisive questions. With difficult balance he explores harsh criticisms and exciting challenges, seeking to understand the present and prepare a future that we already glimpse.

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