History of Tobias

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Historia de Tobías is a historical-legendary tragicomedy by Félix Lope de Vega. Inspired by a passage from the Bible, the author probably wrote it around 1609 and it was published in 1621.
The persecution of the Jewish people by their enemies is the very core of the intrigue, which the patriarch Tobias will have to face. The persecution is born of the hatred of a tyrant, in this case King Sennacherib of Assyria, who decrees the extermination of all Jews.
History of Tobias narrates the dangers and hardships suffered by the old patriarch and that he will overcome thanks to the exercise of his virtues, and to divine intervention and protection.

Day one

Tobias the old man and Anna his wife and Tobias the young man come out.

Tobiah father: Well, for our sins
willed the great God of Israel
that we were punished
with cruel captivity,
and to strange land thrown;
for between Medes and Assyrians
We went through so many martyrdoms,
How many go sad desires
to the Idumean fields,
to the Samarios and Sirians:
let us placate the great God,
Anne, my beloved wife,
and you, my son; than in you
As in mirror I have to see
if we are one the two.
That’s why I named you Tobias,
like my parents to me,
Although in happier days:
for I gave you my name
Take my works.
When King Shalmaneser
reigned, he who captivated
our Tribes, I could
grace in their eyes find:
Many I give to the one who gave it.
I went, being his shoeed slave,
As you know, his private,
and I was of all comfort;
I lent my farm to Gabelo,
My bereaved, though poor, honest.
Agora that his cruel son
queen, so bad, wants
the whole kingdom of Israel,
who dies for killing him,
and we find no grace in him.
It is gone against Ecechias,
Holy King, with such fury,
which says that in a few days
the great temple of the Lord
it must be cold ashes.
With this abhorrence
so badly did he treat his captives,
who die a hundred to a hundred,
and even those who remain alive
They have it for more torment.
Children, and beloved wife,
God gives it; of God is everything;
Let us do well; what should be
Doing them good, the way
where God is to do it.
What will we have to give today?

Ana Do not be careful,
lord; that must not be missed.

Tobias (Mozo) Some people have arrived.

Tobias (Old) Son, let in.

Tobias (Mozo) To all the door I give.

Tobias (Old Man) You are my dear portrait.
A poor woman comes out.

Woman Thank heaven that I am
at your feet; The Ungrateful Time
He treats me like this: noble I am:
Mantle I lack: I would like to
cover so much nudity.

Tobias (Old Man) Oh short of mine!
But cover up this time
the one that covered my wife;
Take and go in peace.

Woman God keep you.

Vase. Another poor man comes out.

Fragment of the work

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