History of the Island of Cuba II

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The History of the Island of Cuba by Pedro José Guiteras brought to light forgotten facts, which his predecessors believed infertile or too significant. He took the historical studies of Cuba beyond the simple external chronicle of events often inconsequential, or as one could now say with Spengler, ahistorical or lacking in historicity, and for the first time in Cuban historiography the development of our people was intimately linked with the rest of world life.
Pedro José Guiteras published during his exile in New York is ta Historia de la isla de Cuba (1865-1866). In 1882 Guiteras changed the name of this work to simply History of Cuba.
The History of the Island of Cuba, published in two volumes, begins with the geographical description of Cuba, its topography, climate and productions; character and customs of the aboriginal people; agriculture and industry; their beliefs and mode of existence.
The first volume ends with the capture and occupation of Havana by the English (1762-1763) and the second reaches until 1838 and concludes in the government of Tacón. The first managed to circulate in Cuba, but the colonial authorities banned the second, in which Guiteras issued judgments against absolutist governments.
About this work, the outstanding Cuban essayist Fernando Ortiz (1881-1969) said in the introduction to the second edition:

“There is no other history of Cuba, which, like that of Guiteras, can better represent the Cuban ideology of its time, constituting a strong plea for the freedom of this nation …”

Edition with prologue by Fernando Ortiz.

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