History of the Indies. Selection

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788490075524
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411267335
Typographic rustic ISBN: 9788499531670

Bartolomé de las Casas’ Historia de las Indias recounts three of Columbus’ voyages to the Indies, as well as other expeditions of discovery and conquest. Although Las Casas admired the “discoverers”, he did not shirk their responsibility for the destruction of the New World. His historical rigor is as remarkable as his human sensitivity.
The reader will notice here the work of a man who, besides being part and witness of the Conquest, sought to be a consistent Christian. For this reason, he devoted an important part of his life and his intellectual capacity to the defense of the rights of the Indians.
Las Casas went with Christopher Columbus on the second voyage to America. He arrived on the island of Hispaniola in 1502 and, although he settled there as a settler and encomendero. In 1511 a sermon by Fray Antonio de Montesinos made him change his life: in 1515 he joined the Dominican order. Since then, he became the first and fiercest critic of Spanish colonialism.
In 1542 he wrote Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias. In it he denounced the slavery to which the Indians were subjected. He also showed that the evangelization of the settlers had become a genocide. Later, between 1552 and 1561, he would write this History of the Indies.
This selection, based on Aguilar’s edition, brings together several chapters of the original text. The five volumes of the History of the Indies are also available in this collection.

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