History of the Indians of New Spain

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In 1536 Fray Toribio de Benavente de Motolinía, known among the Indians of New Spain as Motolinía, wrote the History of the Indians of New Spain where he scrupulously tells the history of conversion and the customs, rites and culture of the Indians .
In this book, written on behalf of his superiors of the Franciscan order, Motolinía makes use of this knowledge and the experience acquired during his tour of much of the territory of Mexico and also the lands of Central America.
Thus he relates the situation and needs of the Indians and studies the way in which the proclamation of the Gospel to the new peoples incorporated into the Spanish crown should develop.
The History of the Indians of New Spain is divided into three treatises with several chapters each.

  • In the first treatise, which consists of fifteen chapters, we can see the pen of a religious man who tells us, with references to the Bible and the Old Testament, the arrival of the first friars in New Spain and the first encounter between the missionary friars and the natives.
  • In the second treatise, which consists of ten chapters, he devotes himself to telling us the vicissitudes that he and his other brothers experienced when undertaking the difficult exercise of the apostolate for which they were sent to New Spain.
  • The third treatise is a detailed description of the territory of New Spain, its orography, its relief, its rivers, its wealth, its flora and fauna.

The Franciscan Toribio, known as Motolinía for his simple and poor life, was born in Zamora, Spain in the late fifteenth century and died in Mexico, after having developed an immense evangelizing work. He devoted his whole life to the Indians of Mexico and Guatemala whom he loved deeply and defended from the injustice with which they were treated.
His work is one of the most important for the knowledge of ethnography and life in the Mexico of the conquest. The History of the Indians of New Spain was published in 1848 (Lord Kingsborough published some fragments).
The first complete edition appeared in 1858. This is one of the main sources on the ethnography and civilization of Mexico at the time of the conquest. Although he defends the Conquest, he censures the abuses of the colonists.

Edited by Joaquín García Icazbalceta.

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