History of the Grenada War

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The History of the War of Granada (1610) by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza is a historical chronicle. It consists of three books that narrate the origin of the war of King Philip II against the Moors of the kingdom of Granada and its development. He also analyzes the relations between the civilian, military and aristocracy power, and almost always defends the Islamic world.
The style of Diego Hurtado de Mendoza recalls Latin historians such as Sallust and Tacitus, in the introduction of speeches, portraits and moral reflections and in narrative sobriety.
In History of the War of Granada the military, political and diplomatic knowledge of the author joins with his humanistic training. His mastery of language and his skills as a narrator stand out to record one of the most transcendental historical episodes of the time.
Here we analyze the rebellion of the Moors of Granada in 1568 and the War of La Alpujarra that would end three years later.
Historia de la guerra de Granada was first published in Lisbon by Luis Tribaldos de Toledo in 1627. Its full title is The War of Granada, made by the king of Spain Don Felipe II, our lord, against the Moors of that kingdom, his rebels.
Diego Hurtado de Mendoza was a warrior, humanist, diplomat and a celebrated poet in Europe. He wrote this chronicle at the end of his life. He had returned to his native Granada, exiled, in the midst of a hostile environment.

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