Fausto. Impressions of the Gaucho Anastasio el Pollo

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Fausto. Impressions of the Gaucho Anastasio el Pollo (Impresiones del gaucho Anastasio el Pollo) is a work by Estanislao del Campo, first published in 1866. Considered one of the most outstanding works of nineteenth-century Argentine literature, it combines elements of the gaucho genre and political satire.
The plot revolves around Anastasio el Pollo, a poor and illiterate gaucho who becomes embroiled in a series of supernatural and comic events. The main character, inspired by the character of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust, establishes a pact with the devil in search of power and wealth.
Through colloquial and humorous language, the author criticizes political corruption, social inequality, and government oppression. Del Campo uses the figure of the gaucho as a symbol of Argentine identity and as a critical voice of society.
Fausto. Impressions of the Gaucho Anastasio el Pollo is considered a precursor of literary realism in Argentina and has influenced later gaucho literature. Through his satirical style and his portrayal of the social reality of the time, the work remains relevant in the Argentine literary panorama.

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