Guatimozín. Last Emperor of Mexico

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Illustrated paperback ISBN: 9788498974096
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411265621
Typographic rustic ISBN: 9788498160000

Guatimozín. Last Emperor of Mexico is a novel set at the time of the Conquest. Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda manages to reflect the national aspirations of Cuba through an epic story about the life of Cuauhtémoc, also called Guatimozín. This was the last Mexica tlatoani of the Aztecs, which is equivalent to saying that he was the last Aztec “emperor”.
The novel is much more than a biography of the unfortunate Cuauhtémoc. It is an account of the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards of Hernán Cortés and about the fall of the Aztec empire. Following the line marked by the historical novel, the author creates a fiction that invents and alters the chronology of real events and inserts in them all kinds of episodes.
The order of the story follows precisely what could be classified as “fictionalized history”. However, if we look at the details, we can see that the novel is actually offering a version of what happened, in which literature prevails over history.

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