Grenada War

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Guerra de Granada is Alonso de Palencia’s most famous book. It is a chronicle of the conquest of Granada, the last enclave of the Islamic world in Spain.
Written, also, in Latin, it comprises nine books, although the project was ten. The events reported range from the year 1490 —remember that the War of Granada reached that same date— until January 1492, that is, until the conquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs, on the 2nd of that month and year.
Alonso de Palencia lived through major political events in Spain and Italy. He was manager and eyewitness of the negotiations and intrigues decisive for the Crowns of Castile and Aragon. Such rich experience gives his work first-hand information. Although not without passion, but in keeping with the reality of that turbulent time.
It is worth noting how Alonso de Palencia relates the perverse psychological cunning of Ferdinand of Castile. Ferdinand slowly tightened the siege around Granada and did not hesitate to behead the Moorish defenders of the towns near the city. While, at other times, he was magnanimous, spared lives and respected their property.

Already ignominiously dejected the ancient power of the Goths, and when the Moors spread their devastations throughout the kingdom, they were stopped in their triumphs by Pelayo. Last scion of the noblest Gothic families, he deserved to reign first among the Astures, whose leader had been in the days of misfortune. Extending then the favor of this truly exceptional hero, ignited warlike burning in the hearts of his successors. For a long time the Christians of Asturias, Vascongadas and Cantabria had the defense in their small numbers and in the abruptness of their mountains, while the crowd of the invading barbarians, with the wild joy of the first triumphs, was occupying with fierce thrust almost the whole plain and subjecting to its yoke the other provinces of Spain. But the Christians, closely united by religious bond, managed little by little to reject the fierce Muslims, and to recover in part in many years what they conquered in a short time. While the defense of Castile was entrusted to egregious caudillos, all those of the kingdom of León, who fought hard with the Moors, found invincible obstacle in their crowd, which terribly and cruelly worked to exterminate the Christian name as soon as possible. But when the Leonese host joined the Castilian, they already appeared more powerful than the Moors. His numerous warriors no longer frightened the handful of Christians, and frequently fought with fortune in pitched battle and in the open field 4 or 5,000 horses and few more pawns than ours against 50,000 Moorish horsemen and innumerable number of infantry. And although our discord delayed the recovery of many provinces, nevertheless, little by little the enemies were ceding the ground to the victors.

Alonso de Palencia

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