Great and Ultimate Art

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Great and Ultimate Art (Arte magna y última) is one of the most important and revolutionary works of the philosopher, logician and theologian Ramon Llull. This work represents the culmination of his efforts to develop a universal system of knowledge, a method for discovering truth in any field of knowledge, from theology and philosophy to science and ethics. This work is a testament to Llull’s genius and his pioneering contribution to logic, philosophy and computer science.
Llull designed his “Arte Magna” as a “thinking machine”, a system of combining and permuting basic concepts, which are represented in the form of diagrams and tables. These concepts, which Llull calls “dignities”, include fundamental principles such as goodness, greatness, eternity, power, wisdom, will, virtue, truth and glory. Llull argues that all things in the universe can be understood through combinations of these dignities.
“Arte Magna” is both a philosophical method and a theological system. Llull believed that his system could be used to demonstrate the truth of the Christian faith and to convert non-Christians, particularly Jews and Muslims. However, his system also has implications for philosophy, logic, and the sciences, as it offers a framework for discovering and exploring the relationships between things.
The genius of Great and Ultimate Art is its attempt to capture the complexity of the world in a coherent and understandable system. Although Llull’s work is complex and in many ways enigmatic, his vision of a universal system of knowledge has had a lasting impact and continues to be the subject of study and inspiration for philosophers, logicians and computer scientists today.

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